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Tax Scam: Connecticut taxman warn the public of fake tax preparers reported that With days left till the April 15 income-tax filing deadline, Connecticut’s taxman is warning filers about a fake tax-preparer’s scam potentially more painful than any tax audit. Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan Wednesday issued an alert about scams by people who pose as tax preparers and promise large refunds via the Earned Income Tax Credit. Read Article

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Connecticut: Romanian citizen sentenced for involvement in phishing scheme

According to Laurentiu Cristian Buscu, 28, of Romania, was recently sentenced in New Haven, Conn., to 60 months in federal prison for his involvement in a phishing scheme. According to court documents, Busca and others were part of a “loose-knit conspiracy” that shared data stolen through phishing, including thousands of credit and debit card [...]

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Middletown CT, Police warn of counterfiet $100 bills

Police in Middletown and New London seized high-quality, fake $100 bills this month, and they suspect many more are circulating in the state, Lt. Heather Desmond said. Quality-wise, “These are extremely good,” Desmond said. They appear authentic and are difficult to peg as counterfeit. The standard pen test done by merchants does not signal that [...]

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