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U.K.: Councils warn parents of truancy scam

As reported by councils across Britain have evidence that the conmen claim to be from the Education Welfare Service and tell parents their child has skipped school. They say to avoid a suspension, parents must pay around £340 immediately by credit card. One parent in Essex received a call late one evening and was told her child had not been in class that day. Read Article

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Beirut, Lebanon: Man arrested for selling counterfeit immigration documents

As reported by The General Directorate of General Security arrested a man Monday on charges of facilitating the entry of people of various nationalities into Lebanon by providing them with forged documents in exchange for money, the state-run National News Agency reported. Read Article

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Birmingham, England: husband and wife plead guilty in immigration scam

As reported by a husband and wife who fuelled their lavish lifestyle by exploiting immigrants’ desperation to stay in the UK have been jailed. Syed Yousuf, 39, from Birmingham, and his wife Jabin Bi, 48, are believed to have pocketed more than £100,000 by charging to forge documents – while also claiming thousands in [...]

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Abu Dhabi: Asian man arrested for trying to enter the country illegally

As reported by an Asian who was once previously caught while attempting to illegally enter the country was arrested from the trunk of a car on his second attempt. The GCC police officer who allegedly smuggled him in the boot of his car has also been detained for attempted smuggling of the Asian, reported [...]

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Texas: 23-year-old man in Houston pleads guilty to immigrant smuggling

As reported by just one week after pleading not guilty to four counts relating to human smuggling, a Houston man changed his mind and entered a guilty plea, court documents show. Pedro Piedra, 23, entered his guilty plea Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Felix Recio. He originally had entered a not guilty plea, court documents [...]

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Florida: Brazilian couple sentenced for smuggling undocumented migrants

According to Brazilian nationals Juliana Rose Tome-Froes and her husband, Fabio Rodrigues Froes, were sentenced in Miami to 60 months and 46 months in prison, respectively, for smuggling undocumented migrants to the United States for profit, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer [...]

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Indonesia: seven accused of baby-smuggling operations to Singapore

As reported by Indonesian police have arrested seven people in connection with the investigation of a ring of baby-smugglers who have trafficked the infants to Singapore, before selling them to buyers in other countries. Read Article

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Work abroad scam: Delhi women fall victim, sold as sex workers in the Middle East

According to the two women sit in a grimy flat in west Delhi. The sound of traffic filters through the curtained windows. It is dark and they are talking about their rescue a few hours before and how – if – they might get back to their homes almost 1,000 miles away. Read Article

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Romania: Criminal organization investigated for sexual exploitation, money laundering

Fifty members of an organized criminal group are under investigation for traffic of minors, sexual exploitation and money laundering. The victims, one hundred and fifty girls ages 16 to 18, were transported to Milan, Italy and forced to prostitution making their owners a 2 million euro profit. Read Article

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Romania: Four members of transnational human trafficking network arrested

Grup leader, Boukhenifer Moh Seghir of Algerian nationality, and three accomplices were arrested in Timisoara on March 28, 2012 while trying to illegally leave the country. According to Mediafax they were coordinating a human trafficking network on the route Greece-Macedonia-Serbia-Romania-Hungary-Western Europe. Read Article

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