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Greece: German national arrested trying to smuggle gold at Athens Airport

As reported by a German man was arrested at Athens International Airport after allegedly attempting to smuggle half a ton of gold and silver out of Greece, the BBC reports. Read Article

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Thailand: Tourist Police promoting smartphone application as a safety tool

According to Thai Tourist Police are promoting the use of an app, Tourist Buddy, which is now available at the iTunes store. The free app, currently available only for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, is packed with travel and safety advice for tourists and travelers around Thailand. Read Article

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Germany: Justin Bieber accused of smuggling pet monkey

According to, Newsday reported on March 30 that Justin Bieber was forced to give up his pet monkey, Mally, last week in Germany. The “As Long As You Love Me” singer tried smuggling the Capuchin monkey across the country’s border without the required documentation, but authorities were quick to spot and confiscate the creature. [...]

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Mexico City airport: Colombian man arrested for trying to smuggle Cocaine

According to, a Colombian man who was trying to smuggle four packages containing a white powder presumed to be cocaine was arrested on drug charges at the Mexico City International Airport by Federal Police officers, the Government Secretariat said. Read Article

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Gatwick Airport, London: Russian millionaire arrested for traveling with fake passport

As reported by, a multi-millionaire businessman who is one of Russia’s most wanted men has been arrested at Gatwick Airport after allegedly flying into the UK on a fake passport. Read Article

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Lebanon: airport security agents in Beirut seize millions of counterfeit Saudi riyals

AS reported by the Lebanese airport security agents arrested a Syrian citizen named Ahmed .C trying to smuggle three million and 436 thousand counterfeit Saudi riyals to Riyadh. Read Article

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Mumbai airport: 22-year-old man caught trying to smuggle rare reptiles to Bangkok

As reported by, a 22-year-old man was caught by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Mumbai Customs on Sunday while trying to smuggle 100 rare turtles and tortoises worth Rs. 50 lakh to Bangkok. Read Article

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Beirut: Lebanese airport security thwart attempts to smuggle drugs, counterfeit money

As reported by Lebanese security services at the Rafic Hariri Beirut International Airport on Thursday thwarted two smuggling attempts from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, respectively. Read Article

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India: non- magnetic metal detectors to be installed at 3 airports to eliminate gold smuggling activities

As reported by the Customs and Central Excise Department will soon install electronic detectors sensitive to non-magnetic metals at three airports in Kerala to check the rampant smuggling of gold from the Gulf into India. Read Article

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Manas airport, kyrgyzstan: passenger arrested trying to smuggle jewellery items to Istanbul

According to an attempt illegally to export gold from the country was suppressed in Manas airport, press service of the company reported. According to its data, on March 6 at 4.30 a.m. officers of the Aviation Security Service of Manas international airport found 26 gold jewelry items (rings, earrings) in the luggage of a [...]

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