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South Dakota: Fairview residents lose thousands to “Grandchild Scam” reported that the Fairview Police is investigating a renewed scam that is bilking thousands of dollars from unsuspecting city. The most recent scam involves someone calling and claiming to be a grandchild. The caller claims they are in trouble and have been arrested and jailed in Mexico. The caller will provide a detailed story of how they got caught up in a bad situation and need several thousand dollars for either bail or a “processing” fee. Read Article

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Massachusetts: fraudulent cleaning companies on the rise in Ashfield

Acoording to Ashfield police are warning people to beware of solicitors posing as chimney cleaners who, after allegedly cleaning chimneys, will ask for money for other chimney repairs. According to Police Chief Patrick Droney, at least two town residents have been contacted by such scammers, although there are reports that others been contacted with [...]

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United Arab Emirates: victims losing call credits to phone scammers reported that after mobile phone texts lying to victims that they have won large cash prizes, a new phone scam appears to have just surfaced in the UAE.Several victims say they receive brief calls and when they call back, they hear obscene voices before discovering that part of their call credit has gone. Read [...]

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Oregon, scam targets Century Link customers

At least one Klamath County resident has received a call from a scammer connected to the recent merger of telecommunications companies Qwest and Century Link. The scammer told the resident that he qualified for a special lower rate because of the merger and asked for personal information, including the last four digits of his Social [...]

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Virginia,Restaurants, caterers warned about scam

A familiar scam that targets caterers and restaurants resurfaced recently in Chesterfield County. “This closely resembles other scams we’ve investigated last year,” said Tom Gallagher, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau in central Virginia. Gallagher said the perpetrator used a phone relay service to place a large order with a Chesterfield-based caterer. Read [...]

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Mexico, telephone scam to U.S.

Police all along the border between Texas and Mexico say this holiday season they’re seeing a spike in scam phone calls from Mexico. The scam involves residents on the U.S. side of the border getting a call from someone claiming to be an extended family member in Mexico but without giving a name. By using [...]

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