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Wisconsin officials warn of possible phone scam

According to Wisconsin officials are alerting Fox Valley area residents to a possible scam. The state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection said it has received calls from senior residents in Appleton and Green Bay. The residents have received calls telling them to expect a piece of medical equipment that they have never ordered. Read Article

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Immigration Scam: ICA in Singapore warns of phone callers impersonating it’s officers reported that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has issued a public advisory warning members of the public of an ongoing phone scam. Over the past week, ICA has received reports of suspicious callers claiming to be ICA officers, it said in a statement on Friday. Read Article

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Beware of “Jamaican” phone scam

As reported by beware of calls that may come to your house or cell phone from a Jamaican telephone number. The number will appear as (876) 851-8705 and will show up as “Jamaica Call” on your phone’s caller ID. Read Article

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey: local woman falls victim to phone, lottery scam

According to a township resident was scammed out of $180 by an unknown caller who told her she had won half a million dollars in a lottery, police said Friday. Read Article

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Arkansas: Columbia County police warn locals about new phone scam

As reported by Columbia County Sheriff Mike Loe is advising the public about a new telephone scam. The caller states that his name is John Kirby, and he is a representative of the Publishers Clearing House. The caller then states that the recipient has won a large amount of money, in the hundreds of [...]

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Email Scam: North Carolina law firm lose thousands in overseas phishing scam

According to a North Carolina bank claims in a lawsuit that it isn’t responsible for a $336,600 wire transfer to Russia from a law firm account. The suit by Charlotte-based Park Sterling Bank claims the law firm of Wallace & Pittman fell victim to a phishing scam that began with a click on a [...]

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Meridian, Mississippi: man falls victim to Russian forwarding scam

As reported by, a Meridian man’s life has been upside down for a quite a while. Unemployed, working odd jobs, and trying to take care of his ailing wife, he thought he’d found a great opportunity to be close to home and earn extra money. Read Article

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Minnesota: man loses over $85k in Jamaican phone scam

As reported by, Scammers are targeting families saying they’ve won the Publishers Clearing House, even though that contest is not involved at all. Read Article

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Florida: Tampa police warn of kidnap, ransom phone scam from Puerto Rico

As reported by, imagine getting a phone call and someone says your son or daughter is being held for ransom. What would you do? Read Article

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Oklahoma seniors falling victim to Medicare phone scam

According to, a telephone scam about Medicare cards is targeting senior citizens in Oklahoma. According to the Oklahoma Bankers Association, the scam is targeting seniors because they use and rely on Medicare cards. Read Article

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