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Craigslist job scam victims robbed in Mexico

As reported by, a college student from La Costa almost became a victim of a Craigslist scam after applying for a job and then being told he had to go to Tijuana to complete the process. Nate Dirkmaat, 18, who is on a semester break from Brigham Young University Idaho, answered an ad purporting to be from Habitat for Humanity looking for drivers. It promised pay of $21.50 an hour. Read Article

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Band dismantled in offering non existent travel programs

A group of people from the Federal District and the State of Mexico, were arrested by investigating officers, once it was found that a substantial committed fraud against dozens of people Nayarity, who offered non existent vacation packages. The group also offered a bribe to officials not to investigate the case. Read Article

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Mexico, telephone scam to U.S.

Police all along the border between Texas and Mexico say this holiday season they’re seeing a spike in scam phone calls from Mexico. The scam involves residents on the U.S. side of the border getting a call from someone claiming to be an extended family member in Mexico but without giving a name. By using [...]

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