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Mexico City airport: Colombian man arrested for trying to smuggle Cocaine

According to, a Colombian man who was trying to smuggle four packages containing a white powder presumed to be cocaine was arrested on drug charges at the Mexico City International Airport by Federal Police officers, the Government Secretariat said. Read Article

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Stockholm: counterfeit euros, kroners uncovered by Swedish police

According to, Swedish police said they’ve uncovered 125 instances of counterfeit currency since the beginning of the year, both with euros and the Swedish kroner. Read Article

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Newcastle, U.K: 60 people convicted in large “cash for crash” scams

According to, one of the country’s largest “cash for crash” scams was so widespread that residents living in the local area had to pay to £100 extra for their car insurance. Read Article

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Bromley, U.K: 24-year-old admits to possessing counterfeit bills

According to, a 24-yea-old Gravesend man has been handed a community order after being found in possession of £100 counterfeit cash. Daniel O’Connell, of Valley Drive, pleaded guilty to possessing counterfeit currency and a bladed article in a public place following an incident in Bromley. Read Article

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Tennessee: Paris police warn of circulation of counterfeit bills

According to, Paris police were alerted to counterfeit twenty dollar bills circulating throughout the area a week. This past week the problem escalated with multiple businesses on Mineral Wells Road reporting bogus bills late this week. Read Article

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Mumbai airport: 22-year-old man caught trying to smuggle rare reptiles to Bangkok

As reported by, a 22-year-old man was caught by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Mumbai Customs on Sunday while trying to smuggle 100 rare turtles and tortoises worth Rs. 50 lakh to Bangkok. Read Article

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Ancenis, France: 2 suspects jailed for passing counterfeit euros

On Friday Mars o 2013, according to three men suspected of having passed counterfeit € 50 and € 100 in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique) were arrested. Five store owners from Ancenis were victims of the scam managed by the group arrested. Read Article

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San Juan, Puerto Rico: $5 million worth of counterfeit goods seized by Federal authorities

As reported by federal authorities in Puerto Rico have seized about $5 million worth of counterfeit merchandise in an operation dubbed Forged Dreams, Valentine’s Blitz. Officials targeted 15 retailers in several cities along the island’s north coast, including the capital of San Juan. Read Article

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Lithuanian national residing in London jailed for cheating UK government

A key member of a London based gang has been jailed for recruiting Eastern European women to cheat the HM Revenue and Customs out of GBP 3.3 million. Read Article

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