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Japan: man and woman arrested for labor export scam

According to police in Ca Mau Province have arrested a man and a woman for appropriating others’ properties as part of a labor export scam. Read Article

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Nagoya, Japan: 63-year-old Ex. Vice mayor arrested in census scam

According to a former vice mayor of Higashiura in Aichi Prefecture has been arrested for allegedly padding the population data of the town, which is aiming to upgrade its administrative status to that of a city, prefectural police said. Read Article

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S. Korea, Scams flourish amid Japan’s disaster

Scammers have reaped illicit gains through bogus relief campaigns in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan last Friday, police said, warning the public to be careful when donating, especially to sites on the Internet. Two Koreans were caught running an online fundraising campaign for quake-stricken Japan with a bank account [...]

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