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Former California high school teacher jailed over fake Facebook sex scam

According to an Anaheim high school teacher is set to be arraigned on 60 felony counts stemming from charges that he used Facebook to obtain sexually explicit photos from over 100 underage boys over the past 3 years. Read Article

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Charity Scam Alert: Fake websites emerge after the Boston Marathon Bombings

As reported by scammers, crooks and spreaders of computer malware have wasted little time in trying to play off the public’s sympathy for the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy, prompting warnings from the Massachusetts attorney general and computer security companies to be extremely wary about donating money to unfamiliar charity websites, and clicking [...]

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Internet Scam: London Police arrest two involved, seize digital equipment

According to a man was arrested today during a police operation targeting people involved in an internet scam which tricks people out of their bank details. Officers raided a property in Lynmouth Avenue in Bush Hill Park at approximately 7am and arrested the 23-year-old man. Read Article

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Health Alert: 90% of non-prescription Viagra pills sold online in 2012 were counterfeit

According to nearly 30 million men in the United States experience some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED), also referred to as impotence. Despite the prevalence of ED, the embarrassment about erection problems can drive men to the Internet instead of an experienced urologist or sexual dysfunction expert. World-renowned penile implant surgeon, Dr. J. Francois [...]

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Beware the Google Glass pre-order scam

As reported by, security researchers are warning users and administrators to be vigilant following the discovery of scam capitalising on interest in the Google Glass platform. According to Sophos, the attacks mimic a Google site advertising the Glass hardware and seek to trick users into paying for what they believe to be a pre-order [...]

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Microsoft: businesses lost $114bn dealing with software piracy in 2013

According to pirated software is costing industry in excess of $114 billion, according to a new IDC survey commissioned by Microsoft. Though many consumers and businesses purchase and download pirated software purposely as a way of saving money, the survey revealed that 33% of the software downloaded by businesses came already infected with viruses [...]

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Africa and Asia topping the 2012 online fraud list

According to Iiovation has found that Africa had the highest rate of online fraud when compared to all other continents in 2012. Billions of online transactions processed with Reputation Manager 360—iovation’s shared device reputation and real-time fraud prevention service—were analyzed for geographic trends. The list of the top five continents that originated online fraud [...]

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Myanmar: Google warns journalists of possible Gmail accounts hacked

According to accounts might have been hacked by “state actors” or “state-sponsored attackers” and that they should change their passwords and tighten their security settings, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read Article

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Fermanagh,Ireland: police warn citizen of counterfeit bills in circulation

According to police are warning people in Fermanagh to be on the lookout for counterfeit currency. A PSNI spokesman said: “At the weekend, we received a report that money paid to buy car parts that had been for sale on an internet auction site were counterfeit. Read Article

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North Yorkshire, UK: 44,000 counterfeit DVD’s worth up to £200,000 seized by FIU

AS reported by Officers from the force’s Financial investigation Unit swooped on a home in the region last Tuesday (Jan 22) after learning of potential illegal sales of counterfeit DVDs through the internet. Read Article

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