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Germany: Justin Bieber accused of smuggling pet monkey

According to, Newsday reported on March 30 that Justin Bieber was forced to give up his pet monkey, Mally, last week in Germany. The “As Long As You Love Me” singer tried smuggling the Capuchin monkey across the country’s border without the required documentation, but authorities were quick to spot and confiscate the creature. Read Article

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Germany: corrupt Lebanese embassy employees in Berlin accused of forgery reported that, corruption scandals have reached the Lebanese embassy in Berlin as a report emerged to the surface on Wednesday that a gang is luring the Lebanese community in Germany to obtain the Lebanese nationality in return for large sums of money. Read Article

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Romanian wanted for ATM fraud in Germany

Romanian citizen Marian Vancea Darabani was issued an arrest warrant on Monday, March 06, 2012 by the German authorities for ATM fraud. In 2010 Darabani and his criminal organization equipped an ATM with a data gathering device, and used the information to create counterfeit credit cards which later they used to extract the sum of [...]

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Antivirus maker warns about latest threats

According to a report by the antivirus developer ESET, malware known as INF/Autorun, which contains information on programs meant to run automatically when removable media are accessed by a Windows PC user, remains one of the most dominant threats in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Read Article

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