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Former California high school teacher jailed over fake Facebook sex scam

According to an Anaheim high school teacher is set to be arraigned on 60 felony counts stemming from charges that he used Facebook to obtain sexually explicit photos from over 100 underage boys over the past 3 years. Read Article

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beware the “Experience Facebook Black” scam

According to, Facebook users may have noticed an influx of their friends posting about something called Facebook Black. Read Article

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Illinois woman arrested for love scam

A Galesburg woman has been arrested for allegedly defrauding at least 23 individuals across the country of at least $20,000 using Facebook and dating sites. Read Article

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Is Facebook Turning Into a Scammer’s Paradise?

Facebook is being overrun by scam surveys, fake applications and bum links, according a new report by an Internet security firm. And it’s getting worse by the day as scammers figure out clever new ways to trick unsuspecting users. Read Article

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Facebook scam targets woman

Police say Atchely is exactly the kind of woman California Facebook user George Bronk targeted. He admits using information gathered from Facebook profiles to hack into the e-mails of more than 40 women. Read Article

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Children on Facebook being targeted by fake modelling agencies

Parents and children were alerted today to a Facebook scam involving fake modelling agencies. Leicestershire Police said the scam, using a number of social networking sites, appears to involve the fake agencies encouraging children to pose in their underwear. Read Article

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