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Charlotte, North Carolina: Man accused of running cancer charity scam

As reported by Lincoln County man has been arrested after being accused of scamming thousands of dollars in a cancer charity scam. The victims in the scam thought they were buying memorabilia to help people with cancer. Read Article

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Singapore Red Cross warns about donation scam

According to, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has advised the public not to fall prey to cheats who use its name to raise funds. It said on Friday that it has been informed of several cases of individuals claiming to be volunteers and soliciting donations on its behalf. Read Article

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MoneyGram warns consumers about charity scam during this tax season reported that, MoneyGram leading global money transfer company, is warning consumers who are in a giving mood not to get taken by a charity scam this tax season. During 2012, the company says victims of charity scams lost an average of $824 each time they sent money intended for a non-profit organization. Read Article

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California: Camarillo police warn of “Boy’s and Girl’s Club”coupon book scam

According to authorities say earlier this week, a black female carrying a clipboard approached a home and told a resident that she was selling a coupon book for $80 to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. The woman told the resident that if he bought the book, he would need to pick it up [...]

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Man arrested over dead wife scam in Coudersport, Pennsylvania

According to a Coudersport man is under arrest for asking people for money to bury his wife as a scam. Pennsylvania State Police in Coudersport have arrested Robert Buchsenschutz of Harrison Valley and charged him with theft by deception. Read Article

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Women accused of Covina funeral donation scam

Police arrested three Arizona women Friday on suspicion of tricking drivers into donating money by falsely telling them they were collecting for the funeral of a young boy, authorities said. Read Article

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