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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: State Revenue Service seize thousands of counterfeit alcohol bottles

As reported by the State Revenue Service keeps on confiscating large batches of counterfeit alcohol, Department for control over production and sale of alcohol products reported. According to its information, the service detected a storage house for illegal alcohol production that belongs to a private entrepreneur A. Nazybekov. As a result, 5,331 bottles of alcohol at 470 thousand soms, including 90 bottles with doubtful excise stamps of Smanov Alko JSC, have been confiscated. Read Article

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Counterfeit silver jewelry items difficult to identify

As reported by “I have been in the Gold and silver business for a good while and have noticed that more and more I am getting lots of fake silver coming into my store. A lot of items have even bought at stores like Macy’s and JCPenney. What I’m noticing is that a lot [...]

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U.K.: Smokers turn to counterfeit tobacco smuggled from eastern European countries

According to UK smokers, fed up with constant price rises, are turning to smuggled and counterfeit tobacco in greater numbers than ever before, according to research. The number of cigarettes smoked in the UK that have not had duty paid on them leapt nearly two-thirds in 2012, according to a report by KPMG on [...]

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Ghana: Millions of counterfeit condoms imported from China seized by authorities

As reported by China’s $250 billion knock-off trade doesn’t just mean fewer handbag sales for LVMH, or a hit to the DVD sales market. It can also have potentially lethal consequences. Take, for example, counterfeit condoms, 110 million of which the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana has impounded over the last week due [...]

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Europe: Counterfeit cigarette trade on the rise again

As reported by a black market sales of cigarettes in the European Union rose for the sixth year in a row, resulting in over 12 billion euros (10.32 billion pounds) in lost tax revenue, data from a report by consulting group KPMG showed on Wednesday. Read Article

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California: Custom agents seize two shipments of counterfeit toasters

As reported by Customs agents have seized nearly 15,000 toasters that popped up at the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complex. Authorities said Thursday that the toasters seized last month were potentially dangerous because they had counterfeit safety markings. Read Article

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Lebanon: Security Forces arrest 85 suspects for multiple criminal charges

On April 112013, reported that the Lebanese Security Forces succeeded to arrest 85 citizen for involvement in different criminal acts on all the Lebanese territories. Read Article

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New York: Florida billionaire scores $12 million victory in counterfeit wine lawsuit

As reported by seven years into his unrelenting, cost-be-damned campaign to clean up the rare wine business, Bill Koch scored a big victory—a $12 million victory. A jury has found in the Florida energy executive’s favor on all counts in his lawsuit against fellow wine collector Eric Greenberg. Koch accused California Internet entrepreneur Greenberg [...]

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Phone Scam: Chinese criminals turn counterfeit iPhones into real ones

According to Apple has gotten a lot of flack over the last month for its after-sales service practices in China, and perhaps rightfully so. But instead of being exploited by Apple, police have discovered that some Chinese criminals used Apple’s return system to turn more than 100 fake iPhones into real ones. Read Article

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Australia: Quakers Hill Police seize high quality counterfeit DVDs

As reported by on 12 April, Detectives from Quakers Hill Police, with the support of investigators from the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), conducted a search warrant operation on a storage unit in Blacktown, seizing an estimated 80,000 High Quality Counterfeit (HQC) ‘Region 4’ movie DVDs and TV box sets as well as [...]

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