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Dutch Police Seize Hiddent Market Place Utopia reported that the Dutch National Police seized the hidden market place Utopia, which was used to sell illegal goods, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service said Tuesday.

Public Prosecution Service spokesman Wim de Bruin declined to say how the hidden site was seized and if anybody was arrested. “We will share more information later this week,” he said, adding that the prosecution service wouldn’t give more information pending the investigation. Read Article

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Israel face coordinated cyber attack launched by Anonymous and other hacking groups

As reported by anti-Israel hackers stepped up their attempts to pull down Israeli sites over the weekend, with numerous attempted denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Israeli government sites. Hacker sites listed numerous websites they claimed to have disabled, and several sites reported slowdowns on Saturday night, but nearly all the sites the hackers [...]

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Canada: Vancouver man arrested for selling counterfeit airbags on eBay

According to a Vancouver man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly selling almost 1,000 counterfeit vehicle airbags from his home business. Prosecutors allege between June 2011 and June 2012, 25-year-old Vitaliy Yaremkiv sold at least 964 counterfeit airbags over eBay from his business, Vital Auto Parts and Sales, totaling sales of $137,243, according to U.S. [...]

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IDC: 33% of Microsoft software is counterfeit

A recent white paper released by the International Data Corporation (IDC) on behalf of Microsoft revealed that roughly 33 percent of all software is counterfeit. The paper further highlights the fact that issues related to counterfeit software like identity theft, repair and data recovery cost $22 billion worldwide. Read Article

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United States: digital technology boom makes counterfeiting money much easier

According to, behind the counter of an Indianapolis Wendy’s, Summer Masterson finds herself on the front lines of a widening war on counterfeiting. Read Article

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beware the “Experience Facebook Black” scam

According to, Facebook users may have noticed an influx of their friends posting about something called Facebook Black. Read Article

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Australia: Teens fall victim to online credit scam managed by black-market drug stores

According to, thousands of young Aussie thrill-seekers are increasingly buying cocaine and ecstasy from an international black-market website specializing in home-delivery drugs. Read Article

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Microsoft: businesses lost $114bn dealing with software piracy in 2013

According to pirated software is costing industry in excess of $114 billion, according to a new IDC survey commissioned by Microsoft. Though many consumers and businesses purchase and download pirated software purposely as a way of saving money, the survey revealed that 33% of the software downloaded by businesses came already infected with viruses [...]

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Toronto: 2 arrested for selling counterfeit hockey and concert tickets over the internet

According to a man and two women have been arrested in connection with a scheme in which customers were allegedly duped with fraudulent hockey and concert tickets. Read Article

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Myanmar: Google warns journalists of possible Gmail accounts hacked

According to accounts might have been hacked by “state actors” or “state-sponsored attackers” and that they should change their passwords and tighten their security settings, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read Article

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