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Phone Scam: Chinese criminals turn counterfeit iPhones into real ones

According to Apple has gotten a lot of flack over the last month for its after-sales service practices in China, and perhaps rightfully so. But instead of being exploited by Apple, police have discovered that some Chinese criminals used Apple’s return system to turn more than 100 fake iPhones into real ones. Read Article

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Ghana Immigration Service: 29 Chinese with fake visas repatriated

As reported by, Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has prevented 27 Chinese, including females, from entering the country through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) for possessing fake entry visas. Three of them arrived on an Emirate Airlines flight and were removed immediately, in accordance with the law. Read Article

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Shanghai, China: 3 arrested for selling counterfeit Japanese Evisu jeans

As reported by, three suspects have been detained for taking part in a supply chain selling fake high-fashion jeans, Shanghai police said yesterday. Read Article

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China: counterfeit walnuts sold in Guangzhou

According to the Chinese police are investigating the sales of fake walnuts that have been found to be prevalent in the city of Guangzhou. These imitation nuts are actually shells filled with cement wrapped in cloth. Read Article

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Beijing: Two brothers accused of creating software to sell counterfeit train tickets reported that two brothers were arrested on Thursday after they were caught with software they developed and sold and used to buy train tickets from the official ticket website of the Ministry of Railway (MOR), which they also resold to scalpers. Read Article

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Chinese Mafia Growing in Europe, most notably in Spain and Italy

It is a fact: Chinese criminal syndicates based in Europe are increasingly thriving in their business, notably by means of a successful hybridization with indigenous organized crime groups. The phenomenon is impacting the Old Continent as a whole, with Italy and Spain the most affected countries. Read Article

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Fake Research Endemic in China, Fraud Fighter

Fraud fighter: ‘Faked research is endemic in China’ Scientist describes lawsuits, attacks, suffering endured by family for exposing lies Shi-min Fang tells us how risking his life and libel writs to expose scientific misconduct in his native China has just won him the inaugural Maddox prize You’ve just won the inaugural Maddox prize, awarded for [...]

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China, travel train scam in Shanghai

Travels struggling to get home by train for the Spring Festival are being targeted by con artists claiming to be railway staff with a stash of tickets for sale. To reassure wary members of the public, the online adverts say that payment can be made on receipt of tickets. But city railway police warn that [...]

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China, online sale of counterfeit drugs targeted

Online sales of fake drugs have become the target of an intellectual property rights violation crackdown. “We’ve noticed a proliferation of such illegal activities in cyberspace in recent years and have decided to prioritize combating them,” State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) deputy director Bian Zhenjia said on Tuesday. Read Article

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